SON to enforce standards compliance for LPG cylinders


The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has said it will ensure that the procedure for the importation of gas cylinders and other associated products are strictly enforced and followed in the country, ThisDay reports.

The agency made the declaration in Lagos during the unveiling of two container load of substandard gas cylinders, of a total worth of N50milion. Director of Inspectorate and Compliance, Bede Obayi, told journalists at the venue that importers of gas cylinders would be made to follow the regulatory guidelines as a way of averting danger in the country. He said the team got a tip off through its intelligence network and swooped into action leading to the arrest of the containers.

Obayi said the only cylinders approved for importation into the country as camping gas were the 3kgs and 6kgs respectively, but that some unscrupulous ones were now using the guise to bring in 10 kg cylinders as camping gas. According to him, using a 6kg approval to bring in a 10 kg cylinder is a subversion of the regulatory standards and constitutes economic sabotage. He therefore warned the public against patronising such, adding that SON would soon start mopping up such consignments in the country.