Simba Group launches solar home inverters


The Simba Group has launched the Luminous Solar Home Inverters to combat the fluctuating power supply and the rising cost of electricity, The Nation reports.

Head of Operations, Simba Group, Mr. Rajneesh Gupta said: “This is a revolutionary product that uses Intelligent Solar Optimisation Technology (i-SOT) and i-Charging to ensure efficient solar utilisation, whilst also drawing on electricity or generator supply if available.”

He explained that the product’s proprietary intelligent algorithm cuts electricity supply where available, if solar power is sufficient. It does this, all the while, ensuring that battery backup is not compromised in the event of power failure.

He said unlike other solar home kits, which power direct current-powered equipment, and require external charge controllers, the Luminous Solar Home Inverter powers AC appliances, of which, features are built into a unit.