Shell/Bio-bean coffee waste to energy solution could be in Nigeria in 3yrs – Founder


Following the partnership between Shell and Bio-bean to turn coffee waste grounds into advanced biofuels which could be used as alternative sources of fuel to power buses in London, the Founder/Vice Chairman of Bio-bean, Arthur Kay has said the project could be replicated in Nigeria, where Shell has been operating for many decades, The Guardian reports.

Speaking during an interview he said; “We’re launching Bio-bean buses by using biodiesel to power 100 of London’s buses. Though this is currently used only in London, in future we hope to bring it to a country like Nigeria, where they drink about 275 million cups of coffee a year. It’s a huge amount of coffee drunk in Nigeria, so the potential to apply a similar solution in Nigeria is massive.”

“If we can be in Nigeria in three years from now, that’ll be very good. It’s taken us a long time to bring the idea into reality. We have launched our pellets and as I have said, we’re launching our – third – bio bean product this year; so, in future we’ll not just be looking into producing new products, but also other markets,” he added.

On Shell’s support with regard to nurturing creative energy ideas he said; “I know in Nigeria, just as in the UK, there is a Shell Live Wire programme, which supports entrepreneurs and start-ups to come up with bright energy ideas in addition to helping them to run successful businesses. In terms of relevance to Nigeria, it is using that support that Shell provides and its networks in bringing these ideas across.”