Shell Nigeria refutes Amnesty’s report on Ogoniland


Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) has denied a report by Amnesty International alleging that a cache of thousands of internal documents implicated the Anglo-Dutch oil giant’s complicity in crimes committed by the Nigerian military in the 1990s, THISDAY reports.

The Amnesty International report had accused Shell of repeatedly calling for military intervention against peaceful protests in the oil-producing Ogoniland in Rivers State.
The London-based organisation said Shell knew military intervention was likely to prompt human rights abuses. Amnesty urged Nigeria, the UK and the Netherlands to begin criminal investigations into Shell’s role in the crimes.

But in response to Amnesty’s allegations, Shell has denied any wrong doing, describing the allegations as false and without any merit. A spokesperson for SPDC, Mr. Bamidele Odugbesan, has also re-echoed the company’s position, saying the executions of Saro-wiwa and others were carried out by the military administration, adding that Shell had also appealed to the Nigerian government to grant clemency, which was turned down.