Shell involved in 1990s Nigeria abuses – Amnesty


Amnesty International has obtained internal documents pointing to complicity by Royal Dutch Shell in crimes committed by the Nigerian military during the 1990s, Al Jazeera reports.

Documents obtained by Amnesty show that the British-Dutch oil giant regularly asked for “security protection” from the military and police to curb protests by the Ogoni community following years of oil spills at Shell facilities. This led to many deaths and the destruction of several homes. It alleged that Shell called for military support from senior officials, even after the military forces had killed, tortured or raped many demonstrators.

The allegations have been known for some time, but thus far had not been substantiated with internal documents. According to Amnesty, the directors of Shell in The Hague and London were aware of this. However, in a statement to Al Jazeera, Shell in Nigeria denied it was involved in any human rights violations. Amnesty said it has compiled a case to start a lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell.