Power firms propose 49% increase in tariffs, agree to reduce fixed charge


Electricity distribution companies (Discos) in the country have submitted various proposals to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission to increase tariffs by an average of 49.4 per cent, The Punch reports.

The Discos, however, agreed to reduce the amount paid as fixed charge by electricity consumers across the country.

According to NERC, the distribution companies have also adopted different measures to carry out the reduction of the fixed charge.


  1. What we want now is stable power supply and not pricing. For everybody’s information, power is detiorating again, its fraudulent to inflict on helpless Nigerian increased tariff now.

  2. Wow! I understand we would have tariff increase if the power sector must improve but it is really problematic when the market participants begin to become dominant and be suggesting up to 49 per cent power tariff increase. The regulator, NERC should begin to re-invent itself to remain a representative of electricity consumers.

  3. Fashola, we know you are an action man but it should not be so easy to milk the poor masses when we make it very difficult to get stolen money back from the rich.
    The right approach would be to get money by all means from somewhere else, get the job done before increasing the tariff so that the people at that point will already see why they are being asked to chip in more Naira. The case now is that the situation is getting worse and the cost for the poor is getting higher. This is a too bitter pill for anyone to swallow.
    I do not support NLC strike but we need to ask. Who will come to the poor workers aid if NLC will not?

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