Nigeria’s power generation returns to 4,000MW on hydro plants recovery


The nation’s power generation has returned to the 4,000 megawatts mark following the recovery in the output of hydropower plants and a few thermal plants, The Punch reports.

Generation from Kainji, Jebba and Shiroro hydro plants fell to 173MW, 210MW and 205MW, respectively as of 6am on November 25 from 403MW, 340MW and 295MW on November 23. The total generation, therefore, dropped from 4,077.8MW on November 23 to 3,662.6MW on November 25, according to the latest data obtained from the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing on Thursday.

But the generation rose to 4,016.1MW on November 28 from the 3,828.2MW recorded the previous day, buoyed largely by the increase in the output from Kainji, Jebba and Shiroro hydro plants, which generated 382MW, 326MW and 199MW, respectively that day. Six power plants, including Sapele I and Alaoji II, were not generating any megawatt as of 6am on November 28. Other idle plants were Gbarain II, AES, ASCO and Rivers IPP, according to the ministry.





  1. Generation only on papers​ , buhari is playing Jonathan patterns of achievement only paper achievement while the masses are suffering

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