Nigeria set to be renewable energy hub for ECOWAS – Nigus Chairman


The Chairman of Nigus Investments, HRH Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim while speaking at the recent “Nigus-LTI Solar Investment Summit”, said that Nigeria will soon become the renewable energy hub for ECOWAS (The Economic Community of West African States), Blue and Green Tomorrow reports.

Nigus Investments working with German renewable solutions provider LTI ReEnergy and the support of NIPC (Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission) is set to develop five 100 MWp solar power plants worth $600 million in the North-Eastern states of Nigeria, and aim to set up a renewable energy hub in Sebore Export Processing Zone in Adamawa State, 

“We would like to exploit the enormous potential for solar business in our country and we believe that Nigeria will become the renewable energy hub for ECOWAS” stated Ado-Ibrahim. “Together with LTI ReEnergy and other partners and significant involvement and support of NIPC we will help our country to reach this goal not only by building solar power plants but also by setting up the whole renewable energy value chain hub in Sebore EPZ” he added.