New owners of power firms must concentrate on quick wins – Experts


power transmission facilityThe new owners of the privatised power firms should concentrate on short term interventions and improving areas that can guarantee some quick wins in order to rapidly improve power supply, energy experts have advised.

Speaking with LEADERSHIP in an exclusive interview, an energy expert, Mr Philemon Adjekuko, said, the private investors must first concentrate on bringing all the power plants to operate at installed capacity before looking at network expansion.

He said: “We have a lot of resources, we have thermal plants, we have hydro plants and you ask yourself what capacities they are operating at. That’s what we need to look at first, installed capacity. You must raise that installed capacity to its maximum before we start talking about anything else.

“If you are driving a Ferrari and you are doing 20 to 30 kilometres an hour, you can as well just sell that Ferrari and walk. So the quick win in the energy sector is to raise the capacity of all the power plants to their installed levels,” the expert advised.

Also speaking, another expert who preferred not to be named, advised the new owners to concentrate on human capacity building if the fortunes of the sector can record any significant improvement in the short to long term.

He said, “there is the need for the investors to embark on massive retraining and reorientation for the retained legacy PHCN staff in order for them to appreciate the change in the system and tune their minds to the new order to be able to come to terms that is no longer business as usual.”