MainOne data centre largely sustained by grid through direct connection to EKEDC


MainOne, a provider of telecom services and network solutions for businesses in West Africa, has said that its data centres, which are achieving almost 100% uptime availability, receive over 90% of their power directly from the national grid, THISDAY reports.

The General Manager of MainOne Data Centre subsidiary, MDXI, Mr. Gbenga Adegbiji, said MainOne is poised to achieve 95% availability in 2018, based on a growing partnership with Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC). Adegbiji stressed that MainOne’s data centre facility was purpose-built to mitigate all challenges that global businesses may have in a Nigerian data center. He also mentioned that before constructing the data center, the company invested in a direct private connection to the national grid through EKEDC.

Chief Executive Officer, Eko Disco, Mr. Adeoye Fadeyibi highlighted MDXI as a stellar example of how privatisation of the power sector is making a positive contribution to the Nigerian economy by guaranteeing a higher level of power availability. “With MDXI’s significant investment in last mile transmission and distribution infrastructure, EKEDC has been able to provide an average of 88% uninterrupted uptime to the data centre on a monthly basis since its launch in January 2015,” he said.