Kerosene scarcity hits harder across Nigeria


The scarcity of kerosene, used by millions of largely poor Nigerians for cooking, has hit major cities causing huge increases in price, Premium Times reports.

The situation has also caused some residents to turn to alternatives such as firewood and cooking gas. Three of the most affected cities are Kaduna and Zaria in Kaduna State and Calabar in Cross River State. In Kaduna, none of the filling stations in the state capital on Saturday had kerosene (DPK) for sale. In one of of the stations the attendants said the scarcity began on January 2 as they got no supply from Lagos and the Kaduna Refinery.

In Calabar, the scarcity has led to an increase in price to between N350 and N400 per litre from less than N300 per litre. However, the product was available only in surface tanks in parts of the city, where dealers sold it at N350 per litre. In Kaduna, the kerosene scarcity has led to a 30 per cent increase in price of cooking gas.