Increase in aviation fuel price to N240/litre causes flight tickets to skyrocket


Flight tickets for the major airlines in the country have jumped by almost 40 percent due to the increase in the price of aviation fuel known as Jet-A1, Daily Trust reports.

A return ticket on the popular Abuja-Lagos route for the major domestic airlines is now between N70,000 to N88,000. The price of Jet A1 across the nation is now N240 per litre. In Lagos and environs, the price used to be between N205 and N210 per litre until this week when the scarcity worsened.

The product is even more expensive in the hinterland like Abuja, Kano, Sokoto and Yola where it is sold at N250 per litre. An airline operator who spoke yesterday under condition of anonymity said the scarcity has continued to worsen as many airline operators are at the mercy of marketers to operate their scheduled flights.