Group accuses NipeX of unfairness in oil contract awards


A group known as the Media Network on Anti-Corruption Practices in the Oil and Gas Industry (MNAPOGI) has accused NipeX – an electronic contracting platform for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and its operating partners in the Joint Venture (JV) and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) arrangements – of not being fair to some companies in the award of contracts in the petroleum industry, Vanguard reports.

But in a message posted at its website, NipeX indicated that it does not award contracts directly or indirectly. It stated that its functions included the establishing of a Joint Qualification System for the pre-qualification of contractors/suppliers for ease of supplier selection, reducing the contracting cycle time from about 18 – 24 months to half or a shorter time frame and entrenching transparency into the contracting and procurement process.

Industry insiders who are familiar with the workings of NAPIMS, and NipeX in particular, also said MNAPOGI may have erred in its claim. An expert stated: ”It is imperative to understand that NipeX plays no part whatsoever in the decision as to which entity gets a contract advertised on the NipeX portal. NipeX does not award contracts and has never done so. NipeX is an electronic platform used for online bidding and aimed at entrenching transparency, and increased efficiency in the contracting process.”