Gas supply, others denied Nigeria’s power sector N40.55bn revenue in January


Despite over 192 trillion standard cubic feet of gas reserves, power plants in the country still lack adequate gas to run turbines, giving rise to N40.548 billion revenue losses by the sector in one month, Vanguard reports.

This loss was due to insufficient gas supply, distribution infrastructure, transmission infrastructure and water reserves. Investigation showed that “in January 2018, the highest electricity revenue loss was N1.695 billion occurring on the 1st day of January while the least revenue loss was N906 million on the 11th day of January. On average, N1.308 billion in electricity revenue was lost on a daily basis.”

It was also gathered that the largest power generation for the month was 4,148MWh/hour, generated on the 12th day of January 2018, whereas the lowest power generated was 2,596MWh/hour on the 3rd day of January 2018 while the average daily generation was 3,705Mwh/hour at the national level.