Fashola’s ministry receives highest allocation in 2018 budget


The Federal Government of Nigeria has proposed a budget of N555.88 billion for the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing in the 2018 budget, Daily Post reports.

The ministry is headed by Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola. Buhari made this disclosure while presenting the 2018 budget at the National Assembly on Tuesday.

Buhari said, “To consolidate on the momentum of the 2017 Budget’s implementation, many ongoing capital projects have been provided for in the 2018 Budget. This is in line with our commitment to appropriately fund ongoing capital projects to completion.”

“By allocating 30.8 percent of the 2018 Budget to capital expenditure, the Federal Government is also demonstrating its strong commitment to investing in critical infrastructure capable of spurring growth and creating jobs in the Nigerian economy,” he added.


  • M-olaniyi Odebode

    Fashola manages three ministries in one. Had each of the ministries been handled by a minister, the budget allocation for the three will far surpass the earmarked 2018 allocation. That makes a lot of economic sense. Kudos to the Buhari-led APC government.

  • Oluyide Fashola

    yes Buhari is working and fashola is also working.we need a powerful infrastructure in the country which comes under power[nuclear plant,hydro power plant and gas power plant]this will drive our economy.But in all this we need transparency in dealing with contractors whether home or foreign contractors.Ghana recently celebrated uninterrupted power,Ghana had got what i will call economy transparency and patriotism. Even though we spent billion of dollars in that sector if we lack this values nothing will be achieved in that sector.