Expert gives reasons why Nigeria lacks major waste-to-power investments


A waste-to-power project finance specialist, Fatima Ademoh, has disclosed that for many reasons, Nigeria may not see major investments in waste-to-power generation soon despite its huge waste resources,  OGN reports.

Ademoh, who is currently developing an embedded waste-to-power plant in the Kuje part of Abuja, stated at the August edition of the monthly power dialogue of the Nextier Advisory, that Nigeria’s unique but untapped advantage in waste-to-power generation could remain latent unless a proper policy on waste management was enacted by the government to create the kind of buzz needed to set off the value chain.

Ademoh, also identified poor awareness; funding; and non-existent in-country capacity for waste-to-power projects as some of the key challenges that have kept the sector from taking off. She explained that a policy that would support proper waste management and guarantee consistent feedstock to power plants was needed in Nigeria, adding that private funders would look at the sector only when it has the right policies to support their investments.