Cummins, Power Gas partner on delivering cheap power to businesses


Cummins Power Generation and Power Gas Nigeria plan to reduce the cost of operations for manufacturers in the area of power generation which seems to be a major challenge in the manufacturing sector, THISDAY reports.

The duo has inked a deal to replace diesel generators with gas generators for business operators and even domestic purposes which according to them, was a cheaper and environmentally friendly substitute for power generation in Nigeria.

According to Cummins Power, the latest development was part of its efforts to stir economic growth as the manufacturing unit is a crucial sector that hold the nation’s economic efficiency.

The General Manager of Cummins Power noted that the lack of adequate electricity needed to fuel the engine of the economy necessitated the need to devise alternative power sources. He added that the firm was working on multiple options to enable Nigerians accelerate gas generators’ adoption with a better operating cost when compared to a petrol or diesel set.