Cummins Energy Introduces its gas fired generators


Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria has reinstated its leadership role and expertise in offering cheap and efficient power for industries, office buildings and residential estates through its wide array of available gas generators, Oriental News reports.

The General Manager, Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria, Graham Christie, said gas generators offer a much lower life cycle cost as compared to diesel generators. “With Waste Heat Recovery installations, for both hot or cold applications, the total gas generator efficiency goes beyond anything diesel generators could achieve; thereby reducing the resultant payback time on the capital cost of the equipment drastically,” he said.

He noted that it was an indisputable fact that the majority of private industries in Nigeria today rely on diesel generators for their power requirements due to the unavailability of natural gas. He however said the rate of switching to natural gas generators is on the rise, as both the pipeline infrastructure is widening and awareness of compressed natural gas (CNG) is growing in Nigeria.

Christie said that with firms such as Powergas, which is Cummins sister company leading the CNG development in Nigeria, trucking natural gas directly to customer sites not connected to the pipelines has become hassle free, even with analysts’ predictions that natural gas fired generation is likely to dominate the market given its clear financial savings.