Concept Tech launches its first totally off-grid solar powered house


A major milestone was recorded in Lagos, in Ejigbo Local Development Area at the weekend, as Concept Technologies unveiled its first totally off-grid solar house, The Guardian reports.

The five-bedroom bungalow is located in Ejigbo, a suburb of Lagos, and it has been off the national grid in the last one year. The edifice was built and managed by Concept Technologies. According to the Managing Director, Concept Technologies, Tokunbo Tonade, the idea of the house was borne from the need to use renewable energy to solve the epileptic power supply situation in Nigeria.

He said: “The home is a 5-bedroom bungalow powered by a 12.6KW solar Off-grid system that runs 94 per cent on the power of the sun and six per cent on diesel during cloudy weather. Off-grid means it has been completely disconnected from thermal electricity, and it’s been running without a blink since the last one year.”