Climate change real, technology a solution to it – OPEC scribe


Mohammad Barkindo, Secretary General of OPEC, while speaking on the sidelines of the 25th Lustrum Symposium on Tuesday at Delft in the Netherlands has said OPEC is well aware of climate change effects, and technology will be one of the keys to tackling climate change, Offshore Energy Today reports.

While Barkindo highlighted the importance of future investments in oil and gas for meeting rising demand, he also paid attention to the issue of the environment and sustainability. On what OPEC is doing to actively promote the reduction of the carbon footprint, Barkindo said that OPEC as an organization, including all of its member countries, joined the multilateral process under the UNFCCC in order to work out a global all-inclusive solution that will not affect the right of all people to access energy for sustainable development.

He also highlighted that the organization had demonstrated its commitment to the cause by the fact that all its member countries signed up to the 2015 Paris Agreement, and that a majority of the members have ratified it. Barkindo also said OPEC and the industry must support the development of cleaner fossil fuel technologies, such as carbon capture utilization and storage, and other innovative solutions in the future.