Axxela expands gas supply across West African sub-region


Axxela Limited, (“Axxela”), sub-Saharan Africa’s preferred and fastgrowing gas & power portfolio company, is set to expand its gas supply footprint across the West African region following its recent qualification as a Shipper on the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP).

The appointment follows an extensive due diligence process conducted by the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) and approval by the West African Gas Pipeline Authority (WAGPA). Axxela’s new shipper status marks a significant milestone in the company’s decade-plus business development activities within the region.

The WAGP is a 678 kilometer pipeline that connects the existing Escravos-Lagos Pipeline System (ELPS) from Itoki, Nigeria and extends along the West African coast, terminating in Takoradi, Ghana. The pipeline has gas delivery laterals from the main line extending into Benin, Togo, and Ghana.

With its newly acquired shipper status, Axxela will extend its gas advantage to identified customers in the neighboring West African countries with a target to deliver over 100 million standard cubic feet per day (“mmscf/d”) via the pipeline to fuel power plants, commercial entities and residential homes.

Axxela CEO, Bolaji Osunsanya, said: “This is a significant achievement in the vista of our operations and speaks to our position as pioneers in the industry. As WAGP shippers, we expect to monetize gas resources in the West African region, increase the throughput on the WAGP, and thereby reduce the applicable unit transportation tariff. Axxela is committed to providing cleaner and cost-effective fuel for power generation to spur industrial growth and economic empowerment across the sub-region.”

About Axxela
Axxela, a Helios LLP investment Company, is the pioneer developer of Nigeria’s foremost natural gas distribution network and has subsequently grown to become the largest private sector gas distributor in Nigeria, delivering at peak, 70 million standard cubic feet per day (“mmscf/d”) to over 175 industrial and commercial customers via a vast network of gas infrastructure. With over 260km in gas pipeline infrastructure built across southern Nigeria, Axxela provides unique energy solutions primarily through its subsidiaries: Gaslink Nigeria Limited (“Gaslink”), Gas Network Services Limited (“GNSL”), and Central Horizon Gas Company (“CHGC”).


Source: Press Release