45 electricity turbines down as grid loses 2,239mw to gas shortage


Nigeria’s electricity grid lost out 2,239 megawatts (mw) of supply after 45 turbines were shut down due to gas supply constraints and other technical issues last Tuesday, shortly after the public holidays, Daily Trust reports.

The electricity industry statistics yesterday showed that 68 hydro, steam and gas power turbines were actually available and could have generated 6,376mw but only 45 functioned that day, generating 3,639mw. While 91,419 megawatt hour (mwh) was generated, 90,057mwh was transmitted to the 11 DisCos for supply to end users (customers). The balance of 1,362mw was lost in the transmission process, the data indicated.

Among the 28 power plants in the country, 20 of the plants were active, while eight others were out of operation. The affected plants include Sapele Power (steam), Afam IV-V, ASCO, and A.E.S. The others were Rivers Independent Power Plant (IPP), Alaoji National Integrated Power Plant (NIPP), and Gbarain NIPP.



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